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    Golf Chippers 101

    Imagine taking strokes off your game with something as simple as a golf chipper? The right chipper can help you get the ball to the hole more accurately when right outside the green. Technological innovations from brands like Ray Cook, Tour Edge, Nitro Golf, and more help you get onto the green accurately and without excessive friction from the turf. Our guaranteed low pricing helps ensure that your budget and score stay under par.

    Golf Chipper FAQ

    Why is a golf chipper necessary?

    golf chippers imageA golf chipper is designed similar to a putter but with a higher lofted face. Using a putting stroke, a chipper drops the ball onto the green from the higher grass and fringe just outside the green.

    Is a golf chipper just another version of the pitching wedge?

    No, pitching wedges and chippers have a different angle or loft, meaning the ball's trajectory will be very different when you hit it.

    What is a non-drag bevel?

    A non-drag bevel eliminates resistance from the ground on a chip shot. Without this friction, you will have a cleaner, more accurate shot. The Ray Cook Silver Ray CP-03 Chipper offers this convenient feature.

    How can a large sole be a benefit in a golf chipper?

    A large sole, the bottom area of the clubhead, can help cut through rough areas outside the green, helping you make a more accurate shot. The Tour Edge Hot Launch HL4 Chipper is designed with this feature, allowing you to tackle those rough edges in your golf game.

    What is another benefit of a smooth wide sole in a golf chipper?

    A smooth wide sole can keep your club from having excessive contact with the dirt as you make your shot. Clubs like the Orlimar Escape Red Chipper are built with this handy feature to help you get on the green and get to the hole.

    Can I chip with a pitching wedge?

    Since pitching wedges are not designed for this specialized type of shot, you will lose a lot of precision you would get from a golf chipper.

    Aren't pitching and chipping the same thing?

    No, generally, pitching involves a high loft shot in which you drop the ball onto the green in a specific place. Chipping is a lower, more controlled shot where the ball should continue to roll after a short period in the air.

    Customer Reviews

    By Ed
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    December 7th, 2021
    Love it!
    Had never tried a chipper before and the price was right to do so. Orlimar Escape Red Chipper immediately had great success around the green up to 50 yards out with more control and forgiveness that irons. I can play it as a sand or loft wedge and can either chip and run or play a bit more of a loft. I absolutely love it!
    By Jonny
    November 27th, 2021
    Solid feel, good looks.
    The Tour Edge HL4 chipper has a nice, heavy head to help you punch through grass so that you don't chunk a chip. Really happy with it. Feels solid and well made.
    By David
    Miami, Florida
    July 9th, 2021
    The Club Is Starting A Club
    Two more members of our Silver-Haired Tuesday/Thursday Group have joined The Ray Cook Silver Ray Chipper Club. Now the 60 degree and Mickelson-like 64 degree wedges come out of the bag only to try to get out of the sand. A well-made golf club. From the tip of its comfortable grip down to the clubhead that sits squarely on the fringe, The Silver Ray makes you know you have the right club for the shot at hand.
    By Bill
    Horseheads, NY
    July 20th, 2020
    Great chipper for tough Lies!
    Tour Edge HL4 Chipper is the best chipper I've ever used. It's solid with a nice heavy head. Gets the job done around the green. Great feel when striking the ball. Gets the ball rolling.
    By noah
    tucson, AZ
    May 27th, 2020
    Great help for the short game
    I bought the 37 degree Ray Cook chipper and it works great for those tough short chips around the green. Big help for my short game.