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    Why Golf Shoes?

    golf shoes imageYou may not always think about it, but the right golf shoes can impact your game. The right golfing shoes can keep you comfortable through all 18 holes. And spiked golf shoes can give a golfer more grip during a drive on those wet or hilly courses. Our selection of high-quality name brands can give you the performance edge you need on the golf course. Brands like Footjoy, Callaway, Adidas, and more can keep you comfortable even during the most challenging shots.

    Golf Shoes FAQ

    Do golf shoes need spikes?

    golf shoes FAQ section imageNo, spikeless shoes use a design offering a fair degree of grip on the course. The design uses a textured bottom that gives you more grip than a typical athletic shoe.

    What is one advantage of spiked golf shoes?

    Spiked golf shoes offer superior grip on the course. A reliable grip is essential to a steady, effective swing.

    What is one significant maintenance advantage of spiked golf shoes?

    Spikes can be replaced easily as they wear down, ensuring you have superior support and traction when you go to swing.

    What is one ground condition spiked golf shoes are ideal for?

    The traction offered by spiked golf shoes is ideal for wet or muddy conditions where extra grip is necessary on damp, slippery turf.

    Are spiked or spikeless shoes better?

    Both offer traction on the golf course. Spiked shoes might be more suitable in extreme conditions, where the ground is wet or steep. However, today's spikeless golf shoes offer much better traction than in the past, and many newer spikeless golf shoes can provide traction comparable to spiked golf shoes.

    What is a key advantage of spikeless golf shoes?

    Spikeless shoes tend to be lighter and more flexible, which can help prevent fatigue in your legs and feet. And spikeless shoes are often made with a soft spike or cleat for added traction. A great example of a spikeless shoe is the Footjoy Hyperflex Shoe. It offers traction and comfort with the strengths of both a golf shoe and an athletic shoe.

    Why is waterproofing such an important feature for a golf shoe?

    Golfing with soggy feet isn't fun, especially over 18 holes. In many climates, wet ground conditions can be common, and a water-resistant or waterproof shoe can help keep you comfortable and dry. Many shoes like the Etonic Stabi-LIFE Golf Shoes are made with flexible waterproof fabric to help keep your feet dry and keep you performing your best.

    Are certain types of shoes better for cold, wet weather?

    You need to combine traction, performance, and warmth for colder weather to support you on those cooler days. Ecco Golf S Three Spikeless Shoes are handcrafted with durable yet soft leather that provides a snug, warm fit, keeping your feet warmer.

    Are specific golf shoes suited for warmer conditions?

    If you are in a warmer or more humid climate, shoes designed for breathability and moisture management can be essential. Callaway Golf Del Mar Shoes are made with the Opti Vent Mesh liner helping your feet stay more relaxed.

    Can't you wear any shoes to play golf?

    While some casual players do, golf shoes are designed with features indispensable on the course that a regular athletic shoe might not have. One feature is waterproofing. Many golf shoes are designed to be waterproof or heavily water-resistant. A great example is the FootJoy Golf Superlites XP BOA Spikeless Shoes. This shoe is guaranteed to be waterproof for up to 24 months. Can you imagine the alternative like playing 18 holes with soggy waterlogged shoes?

    How do you maintain your golf shoes?

    Believe it or not, there are many things you can do to help maintain your golf shoes. One simple thing is to clear off debris from the exterior of the shoe. When drying, bring them indoors and let them sit at room temperature. Finally, unscrew and clean the spikes and clean out any debris trapped between the spike and the bottom of the shoe.

    How often should you replace your golf shoes?

    While wear and tear will vary by the golfer, a good rule of thumb is every 2 to 4 years.

    Customer Reviews

    By Ted
    North Carolina
    September 17th, 2021
    Very Comfortable & Sturdy
    ZG21 shoes are as advertised and true to review feedback. I wear Adidas golf shoes exclusively and have had 4 pairs of 360 Boost shoes so I thought I'd give these a try. The fit is perfect with excellent arch support. I walk when I play and the shoes were comfortable through all 18 holes. Traction is excellent as well. A little concerned that Adidas only offers a 1 year warranty for waterproofing (v. 2 year on Boost) but that's down the road. I feel I got excellent value with the offer deal here at the Rock.
    By Gina
    Boston, Mass
    September 14th, 2021
    Skechers Torque Twist Shoes are so comfortable!!! I am a woman and bought these for myself even though they are men's shoes. I normally wear a women's 10W. I purchased these in a men's 9 and they fit more comfortable then a women's shoe. They are waterproof and have a ton of support. The only draw back is that the little round cover that goes over the torque twist pops off. I have three pairs of these in different colors and each one of them has lost a cover. If you purchase the shoe try to super glue the plastic cover on top of the torque twist so you don't lose it.
    By Lance
    East Greenbush New York
    September 11th, 2021
    Very comfortable golf shoe
    When wearing the Etonic Golf Stabi-LIFE Sport Spikeless Shoes on the course, they feel as comfortable as a casual shoe yet provide just as much traction as soft spikes to keep your footing while making your shot. The canvas cleans off easily with a cloth if they get soiled or muddy during the round and the comfort while walking the course is great. Highly recommended
    By Michigan J.
    August 4th, 2021
    Styling and Profiling
    I can't say enough good things about FootJoy Style Contour Series Shoes. The fit is perfect, super comfortable, classic lines as opposed to these new age tennis shoes that feign as golf shoes. The colorway is just what I wanted and Rock Bottom always comes through on a great deal.
    By Jim C.
    August 3rd, 2021
    great value!
    I have always had adidas and Footjoy golf shoes. These Tech response sneaker style are lightweight and super comfortable and a great value for $65.
    By Chief B.
    St Joseph, Mo
    July 29th, 2021
    Super Shoes
    I've worn many a golf shoe, but these Callaways are so light and comfortable you barely know you have shoes on at all. They also have tremendous grip in wet conditions.